Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Romantic and Idol Season 1 Episode 8/Season 2 Preview

Season 1 has officially ended. Episode 8 was a fairly nice wrap up without too much drama. The majority of this episode was dedicated to the final choice, which is slightly overkill but given the series was supposed to be 4 episodes and was extended to 8, I probably shouldn't complain too much.

We start off with the boys and girls each going to the location for the final choice. Both sides are nervous on the car ride there. The final choice is decided with the girls at different locations and the guys choosing their final choice and then the girl telling the boy who stayed if he was her final choice through either a handshake or a hug.

First girl up is HyeJeong. From her interview clip, she wasn't decided on a guy yet. which from the JB and SeungAh thing, is kind of understandable. When the guys arrive and everyone stands together it's awkward. No one really knows what to do. The crew tells each guy to say some last words but only Jun. K says anything which leaves an awkward silence. But Jun. K's eagerness to connect and go to HyeJeong is cute and it makes me really want them to be a couple. Just before the final countdown where the guys who have not chosen HyeJeong move on, we're shown Jun. K's last interview. In his final interview he gives a very obvious clue of his final choice by imitating HyeJeong's way of saying thank you. Now this way of sequencing while understandable to me, is just a smidge too much of a give away on who chooses HyeJeong. I guess in the end the interesting part is if the girl chooses the guy back. And this thought it obviously right because despite the facade that all four guys left, Jun. K is the only one to stay. Here the crew tells HyeJeong that it's her choice now. She has the choice between giving Jun.K a hug to tell him he's in her heart or a handshake to say no. From the way HyeJeong's interview is cut, it's as if we're to expect that HyeJeong won't choose Jun. K back until she talks about the midnight talk. As we see Jun. K waiting, he awaits a hug with wide arms while HyeJeong is somewhat nervous and unsure. Even at the end we see her looking away from Jun.K as she hugs him. Perhaps it's the fright of what will happen when his fans see the episode, which in my mind seems like a good reason but we'll never know. But in the end the two end up cutely together and Jun.K happily gives HyeJeong a hug. One for the acceptance and another to keep her warm since it's gotten cold. The two of them are cute together although I think it's slightly one sided with a little more feelings from Jun.K than HyeJeong.

Anyways the show moves onto SeungAh. Here it's universally awkward, at least to me. Mir's nice enough to start talking first. He is SeungAh's final choice as was revealed last episode even though it's clear from his message that he only views her as a sister. JB also gives a message that in some ways has an attempt to be similar to Jun.K's. The atmosphere around SeungAh is a little more relaxed than with HyeJeong. I think it's because all the guys feel at ease with SeungAh which is why we ended up with the JB issue. In the end though when it's time for the guys to leave, JB surprisingly stays. The fact that he stays brings SeungAh to tears. While in a way JB did redeem himself through this action, I still haven't completely accepted him again. SeungAh though, ends up giving JB a hug, letting him have a second chance...or as much of a second chance that she can now they have to return to normal life after this.

After SeungAh is Jei. Once Mir and Hyungsik get close to her though, Mir's legs fall away. I didn't really pay that much attention to them but together they do seem to get along well and they are cute. Mir acts like a gentleman though and gives her his jacket. I don't really have much to say about them...anyways then we move onto the fate couple. It's pretty cute watching these two. They aren't all that interesting to watch but they are cute. JiHyun has started to rely on HyungSik to do certain things, mostly protect her from the cold. HyungSik is pretty good at that and he ran to her! The two of them obviously gave each other a hug, if they hadn't I'm sure tumblr would have been filled with "WHYYYYY?" and "JIHYUN HOW COULD YOU?" or something along those lines, but that wasn't the case.

The couples then come together and I love HyeJeong's reaction to the SeungAh and JB couple. She's so cute going up to JB and calling him a bad guy before hugging SeungAh because SeungAh cried. In the end JB does treat SeungAh a bit better than before and you can tell that the air between them is less tense. Then it's the last messages from the Season 1 cast. It kind of makes me sad and annoyed that the season two is pretty much right after the Season 1. What no time to let us cry first? But I shall miss season 1. I started it for HyeJeong and Mir and I don't mean as a couple. It let me open up to a few more people of the K-Pop industry even if I'm likely not going to listen to the groups and see them open up.

Season 2 starts off pretty much the same way season 1 did except we don't get to see their first meetings until the next episode. There really isn't too much to judge from yet since all we have are the interviews with each person and who they like and what are the choices for the first meeting. But even before we get to the meetings I'm already biased to like two people. Spica's JiWon and FTISLAND's JongHun more more on JiWon at the moment. My feelings for SS501 labelmates, they overrule FTISLAND in some ways. The real thing is that the first part is pretty dull since they just talk and see what kind of meetings they could have. There isn't anything interesting just yet. I'm thinking that the girl from Jewelry  YeWon will probably be pretty fun to watch since her facial expressions have been pretty fun so far. I'm kind of hoping that there is less awkwardness. It could happen since JiWon and G.NA almost debuted in the same group so maybe some camaraderie  But so far Season 2 hasn't made any bigger of an impression than Season 1.

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